I'm a soldier, so I can sleep through practically anything,
almost at will.
But I havent slept at all since Natasha was taken.

Acting takes you out of your comfort zone. It can be hard but if you love doing it, you do it. There was a time I wanted to be an astronaut but now, well…I don’t think I’m going into space anytime soon.

I’m waiting for a packet from the sweets exchange for over 3 months now and I’m beginning to doubt that she sent me anything in the first place.

If you read this please reply to my message.


Fluidity warm up for commissions turned out to be really entertaining :DD

Give me all the platonic BuckNat or give me death.


If they wanted to make me feel useful, they wouldn't have made  me work with you.

If you’re gonna fight a war, you got to wear a uniform

I’m working!

"Just to get a job is always really exciting to me. I do feel there’s a lot left for me to learn about movies, the subtleties of acting."


Widow with Winter


Widow with Winter